We have had an unusual amount of rain here this spring and the plants are loving it.  I am also loving the fact that I haven't had to turn on my sprinklers or set up my drip system yet.  I think this luxury will end soon and I will need to get the drip system up this week so that the plants will be able to keep growing just as big and beautiful as they are now.  This tomato has especially enjoyed the rain.

The bag experiment continues and is succeeding thanks to the rain.  These will definately need the benefit of the automatic drip system because I am not a reliable enough waterer on my own.  The bag on the left is cucumbers and Scarlet Runner Beans, and the bag on the right is suppose to be lettuce, however I'm not sure if the one little plant is lettuce or a weed.  I think I need to replant in this bag.
  All four pumpkin seeds I put in are growing in the side yard.  I'm looking forward to pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin seeds!
I love spring flowers.


Jane Babcock said…
Are the bags open on the bottom to allow the roots to go deeper? What are the reasons for using the bags? Something like that might work well for me here.

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