More Photo Booths!

We attended another wedding reception with a photobooth - can I just tell you how excited I am every time I see one? My husband just wanted to visit with people so he missed out on the fun.
I think my favorite photo is where E and I are staring at each other and A is pointing at us.
I have a couple photos from the wedding reception which were sent to me by one of the Bridesmaids but I wish I had photos of everything there.
There were games on every table for the guests to look at or better yet to play with.
You can barely see in the background the "booths" with popcorn, snowcones, cotton candy and really good soft serve ice cream.

My girls decided that this was "The Best Reception EVER!"
One of the things I loved were some movie posters on the wall.
A cousin helped to make the posters.  The Bride and Groom were featured in each mock movie poster and you can tell that they had a great time posing for the photos.  I think my favorite was their version of "Twilight" which they called "Dusk."


Jane Babcock said…
Who's wedding. Anyone I know?
Melly Testa said…
Now that looks like a fun wedding and the pointing/looking photo made me giggle. I love photo booths too.
Jennilyn said…
What a fun reception! I love the mock movie poster idea, too! East coast receptions are stay-whole-time-parties, culturally very different from Utah. Some of these ideas would work well--love the games on table idea...

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