Pockets to Go

Finished making this cute Adkinson Design's pattern the other day.
Spaceous little thing. Two zippered pockets on the outsides (only one on my sample because I forgot to bring home two zippers) and lots of little and big pockets inside.  Went together easily enough too.  Adkinson Design's always does a great job with their patterns.  They did forget to tell you to cut fabric for the binding on the sides of the cube but it was easy to figure out.  Guess I should drop them a line and let them know about the mistake for future printing.
Too bad this has to go to Whimsy Cottage and act as a display.  It really holds everything quite nicely.
Guess I will have to making another one for home.  It will be added to my LONG to-do list.


Jane Babcock said…
So is the point to have a portable drawer (with everything visible) to put on the top of the table when you are sewing? Is it also collapsible?
Deb said…
I like this!

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