Some Hints

There was a windmill,

a beach,
and fabulous food.
(really fabulous food!)
Any guesses?


Alan said…
I have no idea where you were, but that is the most fantastic salad idea ever. Ever.
Lisa Chin said…
Alan - the tomato and mozzerella salad was SO delicious! The tomatoes were perfect and sweet like candy. My mouth drools just thinking about it. I don't know what kind of dressing there was on it but I think it was a simple italian vinegrette. It really makes me wish I had planted a cherry tomato plant this year. :(
Jane Babcock said…
San Francisco has a windmill and close beaches and good food. No clue about the buffalo.
Deb said…
Hmm. Maybe not such a good post to read on a fast Sunday. Looks fabulous. What fun!

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