Buenher Books

Fanny's Dream is one of my all time favorite children's books. 
A well written, entertaining story with a great message and fabulous illustrations.
Caralyn and Mark are a great team.

Caralyn is so clever and comes up with wonderfully imaginative stories.
Mark's illustrations must be carefully savored as he likes to hide images in each page.
I just found out that Mark and Caralyn Buenher have a new website.
There are descriptions of all of their books, as well as a blog and information about having Mark and Caralyn come to your school.
Check it out!


Jennilyn said…
Did you know Deborah (Babcock-Koehler) is the model for Fanny? Mark took lots of pictures of her, posed with bucket, etc. Gave her a complimentary book. One of our favs, too!
Julie said…
I didn't know this! I need to go find this book and check it out.
Jane Babcock said…
More books to read when we get home.

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