Chabot Space & Science Center

We made a short and very interesting visit to the Chabot Space and Science Center while we were in the San Francisco area.
They had telescopes out so that you could look at the sun and see sun flares.

As well as little shields to look at the sun through
This is what we saw through the shield
The volunteers were trying to position the big telescope on Venus but were having a hard time finding it's location.
So we read all the interesting posters
and made funny pictures. . .
Em ate the volunteer
and then went to live on the sun with her sisters and Aunt.
Funny - they don't look like they are burning up.
Oh - Em must have conjured something up
using the phases of the moon. Haha
All in all it was a very interesting visit.
We need to return sometime soon!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great pictures. I'm a teacher in Oakland, California, about to take my second graders to Chabot. This will help me prepare them.

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