I bought a cute ready to dye handwoven cotton shawl while I was at Dharma Trading this summer.  I almost left without it but decided that I would regret not buying it because it was only $6.99 and I have been wanting a shawl each time I go out somewhere nice.
There isn't a photo of the shawl online just the scarf and a photo of the weave.
The shawl is much larger.
I'll have to pull it out and photograph it later.

The real problem right now is - what color should I dye it?  And should I try to dye it a solid or batik it?  I'm not sure what I am brave enough to try yet.   But I keep thinking I can't ruin it too badly because there is always the choice of over-dying it black!


Jane Babcock said…
My personal policy is that whatever you choose should look good with at least three different outfits you already have.

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