Dinos Pizza

One of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco is Dino's Pizza on the corner of California and Filmore.  It is now a tradition that we eat here at least once everytime we go to SF because their pizza is so fabulous.
It is also a tradition that we take a picture of the pizza we are about to eat and send it to the family member who wasn't lucky enough to go.  We are so nice!
My mouth just waters thinking about their thin handtossed perfect pizza.
And the pepperoni and the Italian sausage are so GOOD!
Fresh tasting and perfectly spiced.  Yuuuuummmm.
See - it even puts a smile on Gus' face!
You can tell they are trying hard not to smile because they don't like to admit that Mom is always right. Dino's is definately a place we can all agree upon!


Jane Babcock said…
One of these days we will have to start buying pizza. Homemade was always cheaper with a big family. Now with just two of us a single pizza would be plenty.

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