Golden Gate Park

We went to the park to see the herd of Bison
and the Dutch windmill - both attractions we hadn't seen at the park before.
There was a wedding going on in back of the windmill but we still ended up with a great view of the front without disturbing the wedding.
However the parts of the park that the girls ended up enjoying the most were the big beautiful trees . . .
(Had to take this photo of A crossing in front of this sign because she is definately a wild animal at times - see evidence above!)
(And E always has to have a jumping photo)
. . .and the beach!
They didn't care that it was freezing cold and the wind was blowing a million miles a minute.  They were determined to play in the sand for a couple of hours while their dear, patient, loving, kind (did I mention patient?) parents froze to death.
And with a smile on their faces even!
Well at least when they were taking photos of themselves.
They finally came back a few hours later after much coaxing via cell phone.  Gotta love those cell phones sometimes.

Sand and water everywhere. . .
But worth every minute.


Jane Babcock said…
I had never imagined that ocean (and beaches) could be so constantly pleasant as it is in the Caribbean.
Jennilyn said…
Hey, you got a GREAT COUPLE PHOTO in there! Nicely done. (It's Deb who is coming to Utah-don't know where they will live yet. Lucky!)

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