Take a left at Memory Lane

I started looking through the photos on my computer hoping to find something to use in an upcoming quilt project when things quickly degraded to a trip down memory lane.  
Boy I had some cute babies!
Can you believe he was only about 6 weeks old?  I don't think he was very happy.  It was probably lunch time.  I really need to scan more of his photos.  I have so few on this hard drive.
Next came this beauty.  Look at all that hair!  And those sweet cheeks!
Apparently I couldn't resist them even then. . .
I should have cropped myself out of the above photo -
don't you love those big glasses and permed hair?
Not a sweet memory!
But this sure is.
The twins were just as adorable as the older two.
Another cheeky picture.
And this one has a smile that melts my heart.
J and his sister were great to "watch" the twins while I made dinner - of course it was after much "persuasion."
J was okay as long as he was allowed control of the remote.
B actually ended up doing most of the baby watching.
They have all grown too fast. . .

And they are now ALL taller than me, which means they would tower over my Mom too if she were still around.

This is one of my favorite photos of her with them.
I love this photo but honestly
Memory Lane is a bitter-sweet little road.


Joyce said…
Sweet, sweet pictures. I didn't realize how much you look like your mom. She was a wonderful woman and so are you!

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