No Paparrazi Please

We took a special trip this past weekend to celebrate the passing of my husband's youth.
He turned 50 back in March and the family all chipped in and surprised him with a trip to New York to see the US Open over labor day weekend.
He isn't much for photos but I finally got a few of him during the trip.
Our first night in town we ate dinner in an Irish pub around the corner from our hotel.
Our table was in a tiny alcove off the bar so that the bartender could serve us.
I had corned beef with homemade coleslaw. Everything was delicious.
Gus had eaten his hamburger before I got around to photographing it!
My sister and her girlfriend thought it odd that I like to photograph the food so I just took a picture of them. ;-)


Alan said…
Food is often one of the more memorable parts of trips; it's a great photographic subject!

(I have to plead my case with fellow travelers and dinner companions all the time, too)
Jane Babcock said…
Sounds like I great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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