Rick Riordan

We spent our family night listening to and then meeting author, Rick Riordan.  The girls and I have loved his Percy Jackson series.  The girls have also thoroughly enjoyed the 39 Clues series he collaborated on.
We arrived early to get good seats and still ended up at the back of pretty long line so I entertained myself by taking photos.
.The girls aren't always happy about having the Momarazzi after them.
Mr. Riordan was a very entertaining speaker.
 He used to teach English in a middle school and I think his students must have loved him.
After listening to him talk about why he started writing children's books (to help his son) he read an excerpt from his newest book.  He then answered a few questions from the audience and one of my daughters was THRILLED that he picked her out of the audience.  She asked him a question about the new 39 Clues series and since he isn't in charge of this new set of books he said he didn't know the answer to her question but looked forward to finding out.  After the Q&A we waited in the auditorium for our letter to be called and then in line for our books to be signed.  This time the girls agreed to pose for pictures.
This is their silly pose.
And this is their "Bella hair swing" pose.
They make me laugh!
Despite the fact that Mr. Riordan was willing to answer questions from every person who came to have a book signed, the line went very quickly.  He was personable and very efficient.

Another great experience.
Tonight there are two more authors coming to the King's English Bookstore which the girls would love to see but they have a prior commitment to go to a Haunted House.  They lead a very rough life.  They are trying to convince me to go get autographs for them - but what's an autograph if you haven't met the person?


Emmalyn C said…
You forgot that I opened that backstage door!!! :)

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