When I posted my gratitude for light I assumed the electricity that makes it work.
Last night and today we were blessed with a LOT of snow!
This beautiful snow caused electric outages of over 10,000 customers.
The church across the street
and many of our neighbors were part of that 10,000.
Our ward decided to go ahead and have Sacrament meeting in the dark.
The back of the chapel was closed off and members were encouraged to move up to the front and cuddle close to keep warm.  The building was still fairly warm until the end of the meeting but the Spirit was definately warm throughout.
After church our power at home went out.  We had been lucky enough to have power to shower and blow dry our hair before church.   It was a gentle reminder to be grateful for the power we receive that helps to make our life a lot easier.  It was also a reminder to be grateful for promptings the day before that tell you to pre-make cold chicken salad for dinner the next day.


Jane Babcock said…
Lots of snow. Makes me think about our house and wonder how our children are doing.

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