Monkey Business

Last night I taught a class of 5 friends how to make their own Magoo Monkey from Melly & Me.

They all did a fabulous job.

And 3 of them managed to make Magoo in 4 hours.
Oops we'd only planned it as a 3 hour class.
Next time this will be a 4 or 4.5 hour class.

I love how fun each monkey looks in a different fabric.
Next semester I think we will make Claudine.
She's a real pussy-cat. ;)


Robyn said…
Hi Lisa! I saw this link on your FB comment and was excited to see your creative blog! I have a blog, but it's mostly a family journal/events blog as we live away from all our family. But once in awhile, when I get cooking, or my herbs look good, or I make something from wood (rare!) or do a new project, I boast (I do not do all those things naturally). :) Anyway, this looks so fun! I love your monkeys and your gorgeous ABC quilt! When are you coming to Dallas, or Fort Worth to teach something?? Can I round up some ladies? Do you know anyone here that is asking?? Anyway, that would be so fun. Plus I loved seeing photos of the stake float!! I wanted to take my kids soooo bad, and my husbands' family all ran in a 10K and then were so pooped out...we missed out! When I told my 10 year old son that Pres Monson leads the parade, his jaw literally dropped! I am going to regret that til next year. We will come to town again during that time, and not miss it!!
Yea for your talents!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Robyn Buckwalter