Last Minute Entry

I've been watching and spying on Amy's Creative Side blog for some time now.  Every year I watch as hundreds of people post a quilt entries into her Blogger's Quilt Festival and I always think "I should do that!" and then I doubt myself, "but what would I post, what would I enter?"  Time passes and I miss it entirely.  This year I decided I should post before it's too late (nothing like waiting until the last minute as it ends today!).
Here is a photo of "Sistah's Quilt"  before the binding went on because I was a dork and never took a picture of the quilt once it was completely finished.
  Over the years I have made quilts for my children, husband and some friends but had neglected to make one for my sister.  I love my sister dearly and really felt terrible when I realized this great mistake.  I've made other things for her, just not a real quilt!  How could I let this happen?!?  I decided it was a mistake I must correct.  Last year at the state's quilt festival I had the opportunity to take a class with Norah McMeeking using her pattern, Bella Bella, which is based on Italian Mosaics.  I decided this would be a great quilt for my sister as she has loved everything Italian since she was a child.  I didn't finish it quite in time for her forty *cough, choke cough* - oops I mean twenty-ninth birthday but she received it shortly after and has been delighted. Many of her friends question why it isn't up on a wall and she lets them know that I gave her specific instructions that she was to use it everyday because I wanted her to remember my love for her every time she wrapped herself in it.


CHRIS said…
Great quilt, love your colours. I made one for my sisters 50th hope they both enjoy our quilts.
Margaret said…
Oh, so gorgeous!

Anonymous said…
Lovely quilt with a great colour scheme and some intricate piecing. I bet your sister loves it :-)
maria said…
It's gorgeous. The piecing looks so precise. Your sister must have been delighted with it.
Gorgeous! So glad you decided to share it!!!
LynCC said…
very, very cool!
Angie said…
Gorgeous quilt and wonderful story - thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I'm sure your sister was thrilled. All that curved piecing--wow!

BEAUTIFUL quilt! Do not doubt your self! Nice sister story too! Can't wait to see what you post next quilt festival!!! :)

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