Dyeing Without My Babies

While my two youngest were off to young women's camp I spent some time dyeing fabrics and playing with surface design.  Two years ago I bought a handwoven cotton scarf from Dharma Trading.

I finally decided I would dye it using an ice dyeing method.
 I used Navy Blue, Better Black and Imperial Purple Dyes.
I wasn't sure if I would get the same explosions of color I usually get when ice dyeing but I knew that if I didn't like what I got I would dye it all over with black!
I think it turned out beautiful.
I really need a better photo of the full sized scarf! 
I'm in the middle of a custody battle for the scarf with my youngest daughter.
While I get my lawyer in to settle the case, the one thing I do know is that. . .
A) I should have tried this sooner and
B) I have to buy more of these scarves!
What colors should I try next?


Sylvia said…
It looks good on her! How can you possibly take it away?

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