MLK Jr. and more

This week I am in Washington DC helping my daughter to find an apartment for Grad school.  This evening we took a few moments to go see the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the mall.
It is amazing!

That is my Mother-in-law and Daughter standing in front of the monument.
It is enormous.
I love that there is a giant "mountain of despair" in which the statue was carved.
The detail in the statue is amazing.
We also walked over to the Lincoln Memorial.
 My Mil's feet would not allow her to take another step at that point.  
. . .Not even to the elevator. . .
So we sat and entertained ourselves while my daughter went up to the monument.
I love these half face photos.  They always make me laugh.
This one was my favorite of us.
 The Jefferson memorial was beautiful with the reflection in the water.
 The last memorial we visited today was the Korean War Memorial.
 The etchings of all the fallen soldiers is haunting.  
Especially this photo where their is a reflection of the statues on the wall.


Korrin said…
Looks like a fun trip. I love the pictures of you entertaining yourselves. Lol

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