Free Form Beginnings

Ever since reading about ice dyeing and ice dye parfaits in Quilting Arts Magazine, I have created a lot of ice dyed fabrics.  I love the way these fabrics look!

Recently I decided it was time to stop petting them and create a project.
An idea came to mind and I drew a very crude drawing of the idea.
Not sure why I drew it with straight lines because I've always had swirly lines in mind.  More like this sloppy drawing I made in photoshop.
I actually wanted to do something much larger but decided to start with the simpler idea.
I ended up with this piece:
I stacked a red piece on top of a green piece and cut the curves free form, switched the pieces up and stitched them back together.
I really like the way it came out.
It has been up on my design wall while I decide where to go from here.
Should I chop it up and add more pieces to the middle?
And if I did would I do curved pieces in black. . . 
. . .or maybe straight pieces in a different green?
Hmm I like the swirl and these cuts seem to be taking away the curves.
Maybe I should make more of these large blocks and piece them together. . .
. . .Wow that is bright!
The actual quilt wouldn't be this bright and might not even be all green and red because I don't believe I have anymore green pieces but it is a design to keep in mind for another day.
Maybe I can chop it up and add some black borders.
I like this look but I have seen it a lot.
Maybe if the center were on point?
Oh, I like this look.
Now the trick will be. . . how?
I could paint the lines on or make them with Decolourant.
However, they might not give me the stark black contrast I am looking for.
Do I applique black strips on?
No, I like the idea of the lines not quite meeting up as they do in the outside border of the drawing.  
So now the question is . . .do I chop it up and piece it back together?
Or do a fancy piecing job so that I don't have extra seams?
Any suggestions?
Please let me know in the comments section what you think the best way to finish up is.

Today's post is part of a blog link party being hosted by Nina-Marie at Creations. . .Quilts, Art. . .Whatever.  You will want to have a look and see all the other great Works in Progress being posted.


I love your piece and I love the "frames" solution but I also liked the "stright lines". They could give a strange but interesting feeling to the piece expecially if made with more blocks :)
Nina Marie said…
Ohhh glad someone else tends to plan things out a bit before cutting into fabric. Sometimes I feel like a freak! Love the comment about stop petting to actual use - using them is always good! So glad you joined our link party!
pcoxdesign said…
I love the energy and movement of this but cannot offer suggestions as to how to add the black. Thanks for sharing your thought process! You put into words what goes o blindside our heads when creating!
Sylvia said…
I like the center square straight and not on point. I think you need to calm the black a bit,it works well with your drawing, but in fabric I think if you use a very dark blue it would work better. Well, at least audition it on fabric. I am sure that you can figure out the piecing. It is probably a simple fix.
You seem to share a quandry with me. I have done so very much dyeing and now need to start looking at what can be done with all that fabric! I like the way you approach your planning--playing a lot of "what if---"
Pat F in Winnipeg
janice pd said…
I love seeing your process for the geometry of this design. Not my personal strong suit!
Anonymous said…
I love that you tried the ice printing... I've been wanting to give this a try also. The block design turned out just fine! Love the colors and the movement in it.
Quilter Beth said…
I have lots of ice/snow dyed fabrics and have the same problem as you. I tend to "pet" them and not use them. I like how you have cut and pieced these. I like all the different looks you have with the different variations. It is such a hard choice.

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