Making Circles

About a month ago I found a Fiskar Circle Cutter on sale and since I have always wanted one and was feeling generous to myself, I splurged.
I finally had the time to take it out of the package and play today.  I decided to make some circles from the scraps of paper I mono-printed with my Gelli Plate to make my Sketchbook pages.
 I was impressed with how easy it was to cut the circles.
 I'm also saving the strips to use in my sketchbook.
But the real reason I bought the cutter
was to see if it would work on fabric.
The product doesn't claim to work on fabric but I thought it was worth a try.
I ironed a piece of freezer paper to the back of the fabric and gave it a whirl:
 Sadly, it didn't all the way through the first time so I tried again from the freezer paper side.
I decided to try cutting just the fabric using a liquid wash away stabilizer and was successful again!  However I found that trying to cut multiple circles next to each other didn't work so well.  The cutter would catch on the edges of the last circle.  This issue was a little easier cutting from the freezer paper side but I was taking my chances because sometimes it caught and sometimes it didn't.  

I've decided the Fiskar Circle Cutter is fabulous for paper and I'm sure I will use it again and again on paper, however when it comes to fabrics I will only use it to make a few circles.
I will have to save my money for something else to make perfect fabric circles.
What is your favorite way to cut circles from fabric?
Do you use templates, an electronic cutting machine or some sort of die cut machine?
I'd love to hear what you use, or wish you could use in the comments.


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