Ann Fahl - Mastering Metallics

I took a class from Ann Fahl while at Quiltfest.
I learned all about Metallic Threads and how to use them for thread play and quilting.
 My sewing machine did NOT want to cooperate.  I was one of "those" trouble maker students who didn't have all her materials and whose sewing machine wasn't in prime working condition and needed extra attention.  I was so embarrassed!  Fortunately I have fabulous friends and after a phone call one of my friends brought me another friend's sewing machine!!!  I was able to catch up before we started the afternoon session.

 We all made one of these flowers in class.  I forgot to photograph mine before it got packed away.

I learned a lot in class about metallic threads but the most important thing I learned was that I have great friends.


Elle said…
A-MAZING!!! You are so talented!!
Elle said…
I love this!! Talented you are!! :}

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