Finished Journals

I've been working hard to finish up projects for my classes at the Utah Quiltfest.
The front two journals are samples for my painted journal class.
I'm still not liking the polka dotted flower.
The colors just don't work for me.
Maybe if I repainted the flower another color?
Or colored over the dots with another color?
That would be a LOT of dot coloring.
For now I'll just be happy with the dandelion and the blue and yellow pieced journals.
The pieced journal is a donation for the mini-quilt fund raiser at Quiltfest.
I hope it helps to raise a lot of money.


Leo said…
hmm I see the flower you don't like yet as a sturdy weed growing on a river stone paved road ... maybe you could add a little more "weed" (grass) at the edges. As to the colour it's a bit too 'faint' - I think a bolder colour could compete better with the background - maybe a poppy red (the flower looks like a poppy) or just something else, but a bolder colours.
You could give the stones a touch of grey to make htem look more like pebbles ..
Maybe those thoughts help you to make up your mind and finish it to your liking,
Beverly said…
Lisa, I quite like the one you don't, although I do agree that pumping up the color on the flower would help. I like the whimsical feel these have!
Judy Ferguson said…
I think you have made the same mistake that most traditional quilters make. Everything is the same value. In other words, too many mediums. Punch up your focal point (flower) with highlights or brighter color saturation than the rest of the composition. I am a former painter.
Martha Ginn said…
What neat books! I agree that the flower on the polka dot one needs more contrast--something really bold. Painting one flower beats painting all those dots. I LOVE the pieced one, perhaps best of all.
Janet Jo said…
I concur with the other comments. More contrast in the flower and this is a wonderful design. I love the dots.
Funky Diva said…
I also like the polka dot flower, and agree with the suggestions about pumping up the color of the flower. I think that is what is causing you to think about it. I also like the pieced journal cover very much. Maggie Winfield

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