Making Rubber Stamps

I've been collecting rubber erasers like these while they have been on sale this back-to-school season:

As well as some SpeedyCarve:
I've been craving some stamp making!
There are some wonderful tutorials on the internet here and here and lots of other places.
The basic rules are: Transfer an image to your eraser. . .
(and remember your image will be backwards - so reverse words if you want them to read properly)
 Carve the image out with linoleum carving tools. . .
 . . .add some ink or paint and make pretty cool images.
The stamps can be used with ink or paint on fabric or paper and can be made as large or small as the rubber you use!
Did you make something fun today?


Sandy said…
Good reminder! i have collections to make into stamps, too! I have some ideas in mind, so I better put that on the September To Do list and have a go with them on my september journal.
Sandy in the UK
Once I bought linoleum and carving tools to make stamps but guess what, never made one :p
May be I should try!
You've had very nice results!
Nina Marie said…
Ohhh yeah - Jane Dunnewauld had us buying these by the box - and carving for hours on our first day of her class. I used them then -work wonderful with paint, thicken dyes on fabric - but haven't brought them out again. Still mine came out a lot better than I thought they would - LOL - we were using xacto knives and its an acquired skill!!
Sylvia said…
Happy Birthday Lisa!
quilthexle said…
This has been on my list for ages ... I HAVE to try it, thanks for the reminder !
Unknown said…
This is really funny....I bought MONSTER erasers I found here at the dollar store and I was going to blog about them tomorrow. I'm waiting until I get home to start carving though. Nice job with the knife!
Rayna said…
This is one of the things I teach,and it is so amazing to see how beautiful your own stamps can be when you create fabric! My favorite carving material is Soft-Cut, available from Dick Blick. It carves like butter.
Unknown said…
Great reminder of what we can do with stamps! You are good! Great tutorial.
Quilter Beth said…
These are such nice stamps. Now I am curious how you will use your stamped fabrics.
Lisa, I enjoyed using your stamps in class today at the Quilt Fest in St. George. I am your newest follower. Check out my blog at and maybe you will follow me, too! I am so glad I took your class! You and Anne make such a great team... :-)

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