"Finished" Pieces

Here are the finished pieces from my class with Melanie Testa.
This piece was stamped and then I applied a freezer paper resist but I didn't put enough dye into the thickener and so the color came out much too light.  I'll have to give it another go.
Melly made this piece:
Painting with thickened dyes - one on organza and one on cotton.

Various Monoprinting:

I had too much paint for the first print but we "fixed" it by adding dye after it was printed and I really like the way it came out. I think it's my favorite piece of the day!
Writing this post has made me want to work with thickened dyes again soon!
It's time to get a few things off the list so I can play!


Jeannie said…
Lisa, your cloth turned out so well. I love the alphabet piece and the flowers. I love when one idea sprouts another and then another. Have fun playing! (Chore lists are never ending, play when the mood strikes!)

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