Melanie Testa

I think I've mentioned Melly on this blog a time or two. ;)  She is a very creative artist that I have admired for many years.  I have stalked  followed her online ever since seeing her in an episode of Quilting Arts TV.  I participated in her online challenges and she has always been very encouraging to me online.  I was thrilled when I had the opportunity of taking a private class with her this week at her home in New York.  
We played with thickened dyes and created sample after sample of pieces for me to bring home.
I was so busy learning and creating that the camera didn't come out often enough!
I really enjoyed our time together.
We had so much to talk about that I was almost an hour late for my sister's rehearsal dinner!  Fortunately for me, my sister was very forgiving.  She was thrilled that I had the opportunity to have time learning and playing. She's a good sister.
I'll post photos of the samples we made later in the week.

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Melly Testa said…
Come back and let's do it again.
Jeannie said…
I am so happy you had a play date with Melly! I'm also glad to know that I am not her only fan (stalker)LOL! I look forward to seeing what you created.
Unknown said…
Lucky you!
Her book is one of my favourites. She has been very inspiring in all aspects of her life.
janice pd said…
What fun! Nothing like a play date.
Nina Marie said…
color me jealous!! jealous!! I've been wanting to play a bit with thicken dyes since I did a shirt and its dyed up amazing and lasted through many washings! But my friend mixed the dyes! How did you mix yours???

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