Little Blue

I'm working on the Quilter's Holladay Challenge Quilt.
Our challenge this year is circles and curves.
Here is a small peek at one section of Little Blue.
 No circles or curves in this piece!
I am always the rebel in the group.
I am planning on complying with the rules by quilting in some circles and curves - maybe even some hand quilted circles too.
I was playing with the idea of adding some dangling circle beads from the bottom so I used some silky poly fabric I had and made some beads.
But they just don't have the right feel or color so it's back to the drawing board.
Any other brilliant ideas?
Perhaps just the quilting will be enough.

I'm linking this post up to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall party this week.
Stop on over and have a look at what everyone else is creating!


Sylvia said…
I still like the idea of dangles. Maybe some flat circles?
Judy Ferguson said…
I think the dangles would work. I like the color, but photos are not always accurate.
Laura said…
Someone I know made beads by wrapping strips of fabric around plastic coffee stirrers and glueing heavily with Elmer's or Tacky glue. They took a while to dry, but looked really great when done. I think she might have mod-podged them, too, so they were shiny.
Nina Marie said…
LOL Lisa! I saw the peek - read the theme - went back to the peek and thought - Ohhh Lisa is rebelling - grin!! I like dangles too!

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