Beginning to Move

This was my daughter's room before it was messed up by her moving downstairs.  Cute little room.
The room sat untidy like this until today when I decided I had the time and energy to move my studio in.
Of course before I could move in I had to move the bed, nightstand and bookshelf out.  Once they were   out I moved this furniture up before lunch.
The thread cabinet is HEAVY!  
The drawers don't come out and I was too lazy to remove all the stuff because I believe the weight is from the cabinet, not my threads.  I had to "walk" the cabinet up the stairs, tipping from one side to the other to go up the stairs.  I was huffing and puffing by the time I finished bringing up just these 5 things.
After lunch I took apart my big shelving unit and reassembled it upstairs.
I started to bring up some of the tubs when it was suddenly time to pick up my daughter from school.
I made kindly asked my daughter to bring up the rest of the tubs.  She's a good kid. I was tiring out by this point so she also helped me take apart my smaller shelving unit and reassemble it upstairs before putting it in the closet.  There is still a lot of stuff downstairs to put on these shelves.  I hope it all fits!
After dinner my husband helped me take apart my giant white table and reassemble it upstairs.
We also carried down the dresser that was still in the room.
Things are starting to come together.
The walls look so empty still.
Now comes the really hard part: finding a place for all the stuff left downstairs.

In the meantime lets all have a look over at Off The Wall Fridays to see what my friends are up to!


Sylvia said…
It will be wonderful for you to have an upstairs room for you studio. Now you need to come up with another way to get your daily step workout in!:)
Nina Marie said…
ohhhh cool - congrats on the move! I'll be starting the renovation of my studio next month so keep an eye out!

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