Love Birds Journal

I finally figured out how to use my Silhouette Portrait yesterday.  It's really not that hard to use - WHEN you follow instructions!  I finally took the time to watch a few very short videos and discovered my mistake - TAKE THE PAPER OFF THE BACK OF THE FUSIBLE BEFORE running it through the cutter.  A simple task really and one that make a very big difference.
The fabric cut perfectly, even the smallest of pieces.
And so after some playing around with the computer program I designed this lovely little journal cover.
Two little love birds snuggling on top of a heart and stating the obvious.
It's now on sale in my Etsy shop.


Judy Ferguson said…
Thanks for leaving a comment on my Dewey portrait. Looks like you have an appreciation for birds too.
Anneliese said…
Very cute! I love the swirls in the heart. BTW how's your Etsy shop working out? You can email me back about this if you don't want to leave it in the comments.

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