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A few weeks ago I found out about a sample giveaway of Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint on an art list I belong to.  I immediately signed up and received the paint last week.  I needed to make some art postcards to send to Jane Davies (who is trying to save her local postoffice - read about that here) and so I pulled out the paint samples, the Gelli Plate and my Crafters Workshop stencils. . .

. . .and made a few postcards.
The paint was thinner than I imagined it would be.  My good quality acrylics are very thick but these weren't quite paste and weren't quite watery either.  They are made with great pigment though and they spread very nicely on the Gelli Plate.
Here are the two postcards I mailed off:
 The cards really were cut straight, they just look crooked from the angle I photographed them at.
I really like the way the paint worked on the Gelli Plate and how quickly it dried on the paper which made it easy to over print almost immediately.  What was even better was the smooth feeling the paint has on the paper.  The other paints I have used with the Gelli Plate give the paper a very rough feeling which sometimes really rubs me the wrong way - kind of like nails on a chalkboard if you know what I mean.
After these great results I decided I should try the paint on fabric.
It printed wonderfully. . .
 . . .but would it be colorfast and have a soft hand???
I tested the fabric without heat setting it first and it is NOT colorfast fresh after painting!  OOPS!
HOWEVER after a run over the fabric with a nice hot iron I am glad to report that the paint did not wash out in the sink!
BUT does it pass the touch test?
No AND yes.
No, the fabric does not feel as soft as dyed fabric, you can tell there is something on the surface, however the fabric does not feel stiff and plastic-y like it does when painted with a craft paint.  Overall I would say I'd use this paint on fabric again - especially on an art quilt where I won't be rubbing my hands all over it all the time anyway.

For those of you who like to paint with acrylics, one of the selling points of this new paint is that you can control it's drying time.  You can read all about that on their website here.

Now WHO WANTS SOME FREE PAINT?!?  I hear you yelling, "ME, ME, ME PICK ME!"  Well I'm not giving any away. . .sorry. . .  BUT Atelier IS and it's not just to one or two people either, they are giving samples to everyone who heads over and signs up!!!
So what are you waiting for???
Click here and get your free 3 tubes of paint and tell them Lisa Chin over at SomethingLisa sent you.
OH and then go tell your friends to get some too!

(If you have trouble with the link, head over to their Facebook page at Chroma Inc and click on the free sample tab)  Let me know what you end up doing with your free paint!

(Chroma and Atelier have not reimbursed me to review or endorse their product.  I just received the paint the same way all of you will and asked if I could share their offer on my blog and they said to tell everyone! - Thanks!)


GlitteryKatie said…
Love your samples- thanks for the inspiration!

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