Scarf Dyeing

And since the dyes were out and the soda ash mixed I decided it was time to dye some cotton scarves I picked up at Dharma Trading while in their neighborhood in December.  I decided to dye them a "solid" color and I like how they have turned out!
Imperial Purple:
Coral Pink:
 I really like the texture of this scarf!
Remind me to buy this blank again.
Orange Sherbert: 
I have a few rayon and silk scarves to dye next but I'm not sure if I will stay monochromatic or go multicolor.  What do you think?

I'm linking up to "Off the Wall Fridays" with this post.
I hope you hop on over and have a look at the other beauties in progress.


Sylvia said…
Lovely! I didn't know you had picked up the scarves! So, which is for B?
Linda A. Miller said…
I agree with you, the texture of the coral pink one really adds to it.
Beverly said…
I really like the scarves- I've done a few of those cotton ones, and I think they lend themselves better to solid color dyeing- it really lets that lovely texture shine.
Nina Marie said…
ohhh these are pretty - I like monochromatic scarves but I like my to have a little "scrunchiness" in the dyeing so that there is a variation in values.

I do like scarves with two or three colors - but I've seen some that are just so all over the place that I wouldn't wear them.

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