Free Wheelin'

 I'm playing and working this week at the Pie Plates Spring Retreat with my buddy, Sylvia.  
Getting ready for the retreat was a bit of a challenge for some reason!  
I only had one class to teach -Outdoor Concert Quilt - but all of my samples are in California so I needed to make another one. 
I arrived at the retreat excited for the time with friends and sewing.
 I had my old camera with me because I couldn't find my new one but I soon discovered I didn't bring the cord to connect the camera to the computer.  Sheesh.
I brought my big, wonderful Juki sewing machine, because my regular sewing machine needs a trip to the shop but I FORGOT MY FOOT PEDAL!!! *deep sigh*  Fortunately Sylvia, her camera, and her Bernina came to my rescue!
 This is my "Oh you want me to smile, do you!" face.
 Once the sample was mostly completed (had to save some to show the class) I started working on a free form project I dreamed up the other day.
And surprisingly I finished it!
I'm still working on a name for it.
Maybe Free Wheelin'?
Anyone else have some better ideas?

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quilthexle said…
Love your idea for a name for this beauty !!
Quilt or Dye said…
How about "Taking Aim"?

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