Modern Sewing Projects

I received a fun book in the mail yesterday:
There are lots of great projects in this book:
  • Fabric Bottle Bud Vase by Lucie Summers
  • Marbles Table Runner by Brigitte Heitland
  • Black & White Place Mats by Alissa Haight Carlton
  • Patchwork Cube Slipcover by Kevin Kosbab
  • Cable Clutter Cleanup Bags by Kathy York
  • Color Swatch Wall Hanging by Sheryl Schleicher
  • Fabric Birds by Terry Grant
  • Rubik's Crush by Ashley Newcomb
  • Reusable Produce Bags by Lisa Chin
  • Travel Lingerie Bag by Blair Stocker
  • Alphabet Baby Quilt by Erin Gilday
  • Yoga Mat Carrier by Vivika Hansen DeNegre
  • Plastic Bag Dispenser by Ayumi Takahashi
  • Cell Phone Case by Mary Claire Goodwin
  • Sweet & Simple Key Fob by Corinnea Martindale
  • Patchwork Fabric Cuffs by Lucie Summers
OH, wait, did you see that?  
Reusable Produce Bags by Lisa Chin!  
My first published pattern has been reprinted!  
When a project is published on the front of a magazine/book we call the author a "Cover Girl" so what do we call her when her project is published on the back of the book???
I crack myself up.
No pun intended.
Well someone has to laugh at my jokes!
But seriously, I'm very excited to have my project published again and to receive a copy of it in the mail.  There are a lot of really cute projects in this book!


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