People & Portraits Book Review

Look what came in my mailbox yesterday!
I've been busy with a visual feast ever since.
Martha Sielman's Art Quilt Portfolio: People & Portraits: Profiles of Major Artists, Galleries of Inspiring Works is a collection of beautiful art quilts depicting, what else, people and portraits!

The collection of quilts in this book is just amazing.  You will be able to spend hundreds of hours studying the details in each and every quilt.  The only thing better would be to have each quilt in your hot little hands.  

Each designer creates their pieces in a unique way.  Some by using "traditional" piecing, appliqué  as well as whole cloth paintings and some very unusual methods such as the portraits created by Mary Pal with cheesecloth!  Yes, you read that right - CHEESECLOTH.  Visit the link, you WILL be amazed!

Once you get through the eye candy there is a lot of information to read and explore as well.  Martha provides an in depth spotlight on each featured artist which tells about the artist as well as their art process.  

Apparently Amazon is having a price war with Barnes & Noble and thus many books are deeply discounted, this book included!  The retail price of People & Portraits is $24.95 and is worth every penny of the retail price however it's a steal at the current price of $8.29.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have!


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