Dumb Mistakes

*Shakes Head*
I did it AGAIN.
Forgot to wear gloves when dyeing.
Can you guess what color dye I was using?
This is my hand AFTER scrubbing.
The bad thing about getting dye on your hands, other than spending hours scrubbing your hands, is that it shows just how dye and cracked your hands are.


Lisa Chin said…
haha I meant to say DRY and Cracked but DYE and cracked works too!
StasaLynn said…
I cannot tell you how many times I have worked on a project - be it dying, using lots of glue, painting, etc.... that I just jump right in and forget to protect not only my hands but the workspace, floor, hair.... you get the picture.

I chock it up to be passionate about what you are working on.

So I say celebrate your dye, dry, cracked hands - it just shows how passionate you are!!!
Lynda said…
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!! I know it's so easy to not put them on. I've been guilty of that too.

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