Every year the Utah Surface Design Group has a wonderful gallery show.  This year I finally entered a couple of pieces in the show.  I took my husband downtown with me to see the opening tonight.  There were so many amazing pieces there.  There are so many talented people in USDG!  I am truly humbled to be in association with these wonderful people.  I'll let the photos do the talking (mostly).

My "Out of the Darkness" piece: 

A small piece from my friend Lisa Brothman:

My "Take Away" quilt:

Another piece from my friend Lisa Brothman: 

A lovely little piece from my friend Anne Munoz.

 This green piece really surprised me.  
It is also made by my friend Anne Munoz but is nothing like her "typical" pieces.  
I like it too!

  I loved the detail in this little "Up" house piece! 

 This is glass pieced over the top of a collage:

 My prayer flags are on the left.

 This looked like a giant ball of yarn and there were 3" pieces of art work pinned all over it.

 I loved the cut work on these prayer flags.

 There were two pieces like this: driftwood with woven beads all over it.  
I really like looking at it.

Loved the labels on the woven fabric:
Lots of people were stopping to look up close.
I ran into a number of my friends from USDG and I didn't think to get a photo of ANY of them with their work.  I didn't even think of getting a photo of myself with my work.
Next time. . .


Sylvia said…
Love the show! I wish I could have gone to the opening. Love the Takeaway quilt!
Bev said…
Looks like a wonderful show, Lisa. Thanks for the pictures!

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