Creating with Friends

The other night I attended a night meeting for the women of my church.  
The theme was "Create."
We have a LOT of creative women in our ward so I knew the meeting would be fabulous.  After dinner we had three demonstrations.  The first was a brief lesson in drawing a flower from a photograph and then filling it in with a little color.  Some of the women haven't drawn since they were in junior high 50 years ago and they were amazed at how much fun they were having.  I didn't bring my camera so my friend Rachel, who taught the drawing class, took this photo of everyone's creations:
She laid the drawings out like a beautiful quilt.
Great work ladies!
The other two demonstrations were on how to frost a cupcake with a decorators tip, and we got to eat our cupcake after, and we were given a decorators tip and frosting bag to take home, and then we were taught how to make flowers from old t-shirts.  
The cupcakes were delicious!  
We have some great bakers in this area!
I really enjoyed making the t-shirt flower.
Very simple to make and a great way to upcycle t-shirts.
I will be teaching my girls how to make this when they get back from their pioneer trek.
I've spent a lot of time last week making pioneer clothing for my two girls so that they could go on Trek.  Every four years the youth, ages 14 to 18, from my church can go on a pioneer trek to experience pulling a handcart for four days.  It is a grueling but uplifting experience for them.  ONe which helps them to appreciate their heritage as well as learn more about themselves and the youth they go to church with.  Apparently it rained most of yesterday so I am sure they are no where near this clean anymore.  It will be great to see them again on Saturday but in the meanwhile I am enjoying my down time. I need to get off the computer and get in the studio!


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