My Little Pony

After my ice dyeing demo the other night I dyed a few other piece of fabrics and some scarves and then my daughter,  Annie and I went around to the back of Betty Jo's house and played with the ponies.  Annie gave them some carrots and they started following her around like puppy dogs.  
They are older mares who were once show ponies.  
They are living in Betty Jo's yard to help keep the weeds down on her back lot.
 The white horse lives next door but Annie couldn't leave her out!  
The pony couldn't believe she would waste carrots on that big horse.
 I love her mane!

 All seven were real sweethearts.
Maybe I should do a pony quilt.


Tammy said…
Those are beautiful ponies.
Yes! A pony quilt! You just have to. Great photos

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