Stenciling for A Change

I created a quilt top 
and realized that one of my main pieces blended in with the background! 
So, do I pick apart the quilt and replace the fabric?
Appliqué another piece over the top?
OR I PAINT over the top using a stencil?
Of course I chose paint and stenciling!
I masked the area with paper and tape 
and then applied some textile paint through a flower stencil.
 I masked another area and repeated the process.
And since one layer is never enough I added another layer of white.
I like the depth the stenciling created!
Hopefully I will be able to show off the entire project soon.
I finished the binding, label and hanging sleeve while on a road trip.
Wahoo for finished projects!
What have you finished lately?


Love your creative spirit Lisa! I always opt for paint too! Can't wait to see it all finished. I am working on a new fabric line or wrestling with it is probably a better word but I did finish my block for Quiltmaker's 100 blocks! Yeah for finishing some loose ends!
Unknown said…
Great and creative problem solving!! You go girl!!

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