Machine Quilting Practice

I've been playing around with quilting designs.
I have a big project I want to quilt.
I started out with a very simple motif I designed and then started with the old familiar design of pebbles.  At the recommendation of a friend, I picked up Angel Walter's book Free Motion Quilting and found these lovely little Chain Squares (bottom left).  I've been using a lot of swirly designs and it was fun to try something more geometric.  I think more playing is needed before I determine how I will quilt the larger project.  

I am also contemplating trying out some new batting. Which leads me to the question: What kind of batting do you use for your art quilts?  What kind of batting do you use for your bed quilts?  Please leave a comment letting me know your favorites!


Sylvia said…
I love your sample quilting! I use whatever batting scraps I have that is the right size. I prefer warm and natural. But I have some hobbs 80/20 which I don't like as well. The only reason is that I think it smells like cat pee.
Beverly said…
I use Warm and Natural for my wall quilts. Don't do a lot of bed quilts, but I have one I'm quilting now using 80/20. Don't smell any cat pee, and it feels pretty good! I've also used Polydown on a tee quilt I did, and that worked well also.
Unknown said…
I do not like 80/20 for my samplers either. I use thick polyester when I like a 'trapunto effect' or if I want to cut postcards out off my samplers.
I use flannel when I want to make placemats out of my samples.
By the way I love the way you quilted the chain squares. I need to try.

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