Every year my quilt guild hosts a picnic dinner and auction.  
Everyone cleans out their sewing related items and brings them to the meeting.  The items are placed in bags and we proceed to bid on the items like the crazy women that we are.
Items go for as much as $500!  
Oh, did I forget to mention we are using play money?  
Everyone starts out with the same amount but money changes hands quickly as a person gets frenzied over a wanted item.  We usually have a lot of books, fabric and quilting notions.  
One year we had two child sized sewing machines!
That was a wild bidding war!

The item I got excited about this year was:
Foam Stamps!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
Who would get rid of those lovelies?
I immediately bid $100 and no one dared bid against me!
Actually the only other person who wanted them was sitting next to me and we agreed to share.
Anne and I were very excited!
However I got even MORE excited when I found this little gem:
I've been wanting one of these little scrapers to use with my Gelli Plate!
The stamps will be great to use with my Gelli Plates as well.
Let the fun begin!!!

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Norma Schlager said…
What a great idea! It looks like you got the jackpot.
You clearly got quite a haul. Can't wait to see how you put those stamps to great use.
Sylvia said…
I am sorry I missed that meeting!
Oh I want a gelli plate so badly!! Can't wait to see how you use your stamps. :)
Lynda said…
That sounds like so much fun. And I love those stamps!

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