Springville Trunk Show

Springville Art Museum has a wonderful quilt show every year.  
In conjunction with the quilt show they invite a few local quilters to present a trunk show.  
My friends Florence and Sylvia were two of the quilters featured this year.
 I was having difficulty figuring out the lighting in the room thus I ended up with only one good photo of Florence and her amazing quilts.  So sorry Florence!
Florence is an amazing math wiz.  
She teaches a class on quilting math and makes it all so understandable.  
Her quilts are always perfection.
She was my first domestic machine walking foot quilting teacher.

 Sylvia brought her first quilt to show where she started.
 Pretty amazing for a first quilt I think.
All the corners match and she didn't have a pattern!
Almost every other close up I took of Sylvia, she has her eyes closed.
We had a full house!
 That light on the left made photographing a real pain.
These two quilts are a collaboration between Sylvia and Anne.
They each created a piece of fabric and then swapped.  Next they were to spilt the fabric from within to create an art quilt.  Great job ladies!

I took a quick look at the quilt show while I was in the museum.
This is Sylvia's lovely, lovely quilt.
I find it very peaceful.
Florence's fabulous quilt.

I really loved this quilt.
This is a traditional quilt show so this piece is very unusual.
I'm so glad it won an award because it deserved it!

Here are my other favorite bits of the museum:
This is a painting by Jeanne Leighton-Lundburg Clarke, was painted from 1992-94.
Women from famous paintings are at a dinner party, including the artist herself.
What do you think they would be discussing?

Tim Little's sculptures also dotted the museum.
 I had a lot of fun looking at each piece to see what he had melded together to create such whimsy!
Every piece made me smile.
Have you been to any local art museums lately?


I went to the contemporary art museum in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 10, we were there for our anniversary trip 41 years after honeymooning there on the $50 Franks daddy gave him!!!

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