Discharged Itajime

One of the first projects we did in Carol Soderlund's class was to make interesting critters from commercial dyed black fabric and various tools using basic Itajime folds. 

We discharged our critters in a bleach bath.
The folds and do dads acted as a resist.

After a rinse, an anti chlor bath, and then several hours of drying we over-dyed the pieces.

Here are a few of my creations:
 A medallion fold, some clamps, clothes pins and a set of acrylic squares.

A simple fan fold two ways, a couple credit cards and some rubber bands.

 A flag fold, two credit cards, clamps and clothes pins.

  Another flag fold, some wooden rectangles and clothes pins.

  A double fan fold and clothes pins.

 This double fan fold, two mason jar lids, washers and rubber bands produced. . .
. . . this piece:

 I love the funky images that appeared because of the washers being shoved into the layers.
 And Surprise!  
A Chinese Dragon showed up too!

Here are a few of the beautiful pieces some of the other ladies created:


 Carol, helping Polly hold up her piece.

I missed getting her piece but I just loved the photo of her so much I had to include it.





More photos from the class tomorrow!


Beverly said…
Hey, Lisa, that's a photo of Robyn, not me! You got some great pics and results, I'm having fun seeing them!
Lisa Chin said…
Oopsy Bev! I fixed it! Thanks!
Kathy said…
Totally wonderful results! Beautiful fabrics!
Diane in NH said…
Love Lyndell's piece! They are all wonderful!!

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