More Gel Glue Resist Silk Screening

I decided my next gel glue resist silk screen would be done by coloring the screen with 
 . . .onto a piece of randomly dyed fabric.
I used an opaque base extender to pull the color through.
Not too bad. . .
. . .there was a lot of glue on half of the feather so it doesn't show the entire feather but I think a little quilting would take care of that!

I cleaned the screen and added a new design.
And yes, the screen is permanently stained from the inktense blocks - no problem!
I'm going to use this design at
class next week.
I'm so excited!

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I've been using glue for screen prints too this week. With great success. But the inktense blocks sound like a fabulous idea. I have the crayons which I love. Definitely an idea to try.
Unknown said…
I love your idea! Beautiful colored fabrics. Thanks for sharing!
Nina Marie said…
OMG - tooo cool! I bought a bunch of glue and maybe I'll try some resists - although I keep resisting doing a bunch of surface designing 'cause there is just so much you can do in a day! Have fun at class and let us know how it goes!
Cool design and lovely colors. What fun!
best, nadia
Barb Forrister said…
Love the designs you are getting with this method. So cool!
Regina B Dunn said…
I would have never thought to use Inktense on a screen. Good idea and good results.
Unknown said…
What a beautiful effect you created! I have never heard of the Inktense Blocks, guess I'll be out shopping for them tomorrow! I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.
Lynda said…
Wow, Lisa, Beautiful! Never thought about Derwent Inktense Blocks. I've got them but never thought to use them for this. Woo, wee! Something else to try. Thanks.
Unknown said…
Love you resist prints and envy you the upcoming class!
Unknown said…
Love you resist prints and envy you the upcoming class!

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