Potato Dextrine

See the organic pattern on the piece below?  
It looks like the outside of a cantaloupe doesn't it?
That is the pattern you can get using potato dextrine as a resist!

We started with black commercial fabric, as well as pfd and hand dyed fabrics.
I applied my potato dextrine through some stencils.
The fabric at the top is a black commercial fabric and the one on the bottom is an overdyed commercial fabric.
 Polly is making designs into the potato dextrin.

 It has to dry completely before the discharge or dye can be applied over the top.
In our case, we had to run and get all the tables into the barn so that they didn't get rained on!

The next day we applied the discharge paste and got some really cool results.

My black piece got a little over worked.
In other words, I went over the potato dextrin too much in a few places, not allowing it to form the nice big pattern it is known for.

The over dyed commercial fabric came out pretty cool though.

 I didn't like the piece of fabric at all until I did the discharge. 
You can see a bit of the original color up in the upper right hand corner.

Between the stencil and the dextrine I think it looks like old fashioned lace!
I may still do some over dyeing.

Here are a few of the pieces Carol has made with the potato dextrine resist:

I know I will be doing this again because I have more potato dextrine downstairs that is calling my name!  More photos tomorrow!


Lynda said…
I really like this. I love using this stuff with a stencil. Beautiful results.
Diane in NH said…
I'm going to buy some of this stuff!! Just beautiful!

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