My friends Sylvia,  Anne, Helen and I had a play date 
while at the Utah Quilt Festival this week.
I set up everything in my hotel room
. . . with plastic trash bags covering the bed, table and floor. . .

. . .and we went to work.
Sylvia wanted to learn how to use a thermofax screen. . .
 . . .so I showed the 3 of them this simple surface design technique.

Sylvia had fun experimenting
on one of my ugly fabrics with a thermofax screen
I purchased from Lynn at Smudged Textile Studio.

Anne used one of the coneflower thermofax screens I created
on to a hand dyed fabric.

Helen used a paisley thermofax screen I had purchased from Judy Coates Perez.

 Helen used another piece from my ugly fabric.
I also showed them how to use a silk screen with a stencil.

After we finished screening, 
Anne wanted to learn how to carve an eraser stamp.
 I demonstrated using some of the giant Oops erasers I found last month.
Simple shapes can make beautiful designs!
Anne went free style. . .

. . . and made a fantastic background stamp.
Since I only had one set of carving tools, 
Sylvia and Helen tried out some of my hand carved stamps.
Sylvia continued with the key theme. . .
. . .while Helen mixed it up using a leaf stamp first. . .
. . .and then my circle stamps.

We had a fun afternoon!


Bev said…
So that's where you were! lol Looks like a lot of fun!
AnneM said…
Thanks for the fun afternoon, Lisa!
Lynda said…
Lisa, Looks like a really fun time! Reminds me I've got to carve some erasers!
Helen said…
Thanks again Lisa! It's always fun hanging out with you!

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