The other day at my friend Juliette's house while I was finishing up the quilting on my Townhouse quilt, Juliette carved a few stamps. 
 Juliette is extremely talented in everything she does.
 I always learn so much from her.
This time I learned that I need to go buy more tips for my lino carver so that I can make these incredibly thin lines.
The stamps are a lovely addition to her calligraphy on letters.
 She has been very busy with this latest obsession.
Juliette always has beautiful things displayed in her home.
I gave Juliette one of my Oops erasers to carve and she made a lovely key.
Which she used to send lovely letters.
Juliette Inspires Me!
Please leave a comment for me about what is inspiring you today.


Jeannie said…
Don't you love friends that inspire you? My best friend (who moved to Arizona) was like that. She is 33 years older, but always experimenting and learning. Walking into her home was like walking into the best art book. I miss her. What inspired me today was the sun through the dogwood leaves. The leaves are that color of red/orange/gold that Mother Nature can only create. The whole tree looked as if it was on fire or gilded - breath taking! Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with some creative fun included. :)
Chickpea said…
You are too kind!

Michelle said…
Hi Lisa! I love looking at all the beautiful things you create! I'm not sure if you know, but I recently became a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! I love stamping! And I love hand carving stamps to fit whatever project I'm making! The best part is that Stampin' Up! came out with these kits to help you hand carve your own stamps and mount them on wood! You can check out their starter kit and refill kit here:
Let me know if you're interested!

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