Blue Spirals - The Printed Fabric Bee - Giveaway

It is month two in The Printed Fabric Bee, 
and this month's Queen is Julie B. Booth.
Julie's theme of choice is "Blue Spirals." 
She also mentioned that she like Mola's and Ethnic prints, 
so I decided to try something Mola-ish.

I started out by designing a stencil with my 
that I could print out in two parts.

Using Jacquard Textile Paint, I printed the red/orange swirls and stars.

Oops I smudged a little.
 Next white swirls inside the red/orange swirls.
After heat setting all the swirls and stars, I over-dyed the piece.
I hated to do it because I really liked it as is, 
but my vision for this piece included a blue background.
I used a mix of Navy blue and Bright blue in a Procion MX Dye.  .
 I printed an 8"x 18" piece for Julie
AND and 6" square to be included in this months giveaway!

Visit our Facebook page or Julie's blog to enter in the giveaway for these lovely 6" squares!


Bethany Garner said…
Thanks so much for sharing the silhouette cutter - great tool. Loved your layered "mola" like fabric and what a great idea and great results in your contribution to the monthly project at The Printed Fabric Bee. Look forward to more!
Lynda said…
Lisa, Love this. Thanks for showing us how you did this.
Fibra Artysta said…
Now I really want one of those machines....and also your fabric.
Thread Born said…
Wow Lisa! I would never have known what went into this piece of fabric! I'm especially amazed about how the dye so affected the fabric paint. Thanks for the step-by-step!-Julie

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