Artfully Mapping 2014

I mentioned Jill Berry's call to artfully map out 2014 a few weeks ago and now it's time for the big reveal!  I played with various ideas and finally decided that I wanted to do a topographic map because I have been fascinated by topographical maps since my days in my high school geology class - in case you aren't familiar, topographically maps show contour lines to show relief.  Here is a topo map of the Escalante River in Utah.
You can see the river in blue.
The brown lines are the contour lines showing the mountains and valleys.  The numbers on the lines show the altitude that line represents.  Areas where the lines are close together represent a very steep area and if the lines are on top of each other it's a cliff!
I decided that I would represent my 2014 as a journey along mountains and valleys such as these:
I started the year with enthusiasm:
I didn't put the experiences in any order just examples of experiences I believe I will have this year.  Resting next to the peaceful river (and if you notice the altitudes you see that I am walking upstream the whole way!), climbing a steep and challenging cliff.
Deadlines, time to ponder the beauty, well earned accomplishments, moving on with confidence,
taking risks, and. . .
. . . once in a while a triumph as well!
What will be your plan for 2014?

Skip on over to Jill's blog to see who has linked their maps up to the hop.  
There will be a lot of great artful maps to see!


Amy said…
Lisa, I love your map! The idea of navigating the terrain of a topographic map is wonderful. I hopeall your climbs are easy this year!
Jill Berry said…
Lisa, this is fabulous! It is fun to look at and the story is triumphant! I hope your 2014 goes just like this.
I particularly like your Take Risks. Looks determined.
Missy Trent said…
Wow! Lisa, this is wonderful! Such a fun challenge!
Johanne said…
I love how the sinuous lines made my eyes travel along the path. The colours are gorgeous and the stick man made me smile :)
Renee said…
Great map, love the movement and the colors!
Topo maps are great. Uphill the entire way! That made me smile. The little figure is so peppy!! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the contour map idea, and always walking upstream is definitely the way to take risks and learn more.
Mary C. Nasser said…
Love the rhythm and colors, contours and movement to this! Wonderful!!
Terry O. said…
Great idea for using a topographic map! I love the movement of it!
Seth said…
This is really brilliant. Love how you have mapped out the year and all the stops that you have marked along the way. Great colors too!

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