Dyeing Blue

I finally took advantage of the snow and created a one yard piece of snow dyed fabric.  

 I used three different blues.
This watered down fabric might be a fun image to play with digitally.
And here you go!  
One lovely piece of blue.  
I think I see some fish in there.
 Here are a couple of close ups:

Of course, Mister had to put his stamp of approval on the piece.
Almost all of our snow has melted now but we are due to have more later this week.
I know, some of you think that is a horrible idea!  
But here in the high mountain desert we NEED all this snow up in the mountains so that we will have water to grow our gardens in the summer.  Please feel free to send all your snow our way.  We will be more than HAPPY to take it! Not to mention that the snow storms keep the valley clear of inversions so that we can breathe fresh clean air!
And if I can find the rest of my pdf I'll be doing more dyeing too.
OH, and speaking of dyeing, I will be teaching how to dye fabrics at the Super Spring Quilt Retreat in March!
  If there is snow, I'll even demonstrate how to do some snow dyeing.  I hope to see you there!


Jeannie said…
Lovely blues!!! Makes me want to head out for the Oregon Coast! I broke down and tried snow dyeing today. I think I put too many colors on the snow. I'll find out tomorrow. I hear you on not complaining about the snow. We have only had an inch of precip since October. It is going to be a "beige" summer, I fear. Keep having fun and I hope you find your PFD soon!
Lynda said…
Lisa, Beautiful! I looked out yesterday when it snowed again and thought I should get out there and get some before it's gone but it didn't happen. Glad you did!
Sylvia said…
I love that blue fabric! But of course, you knew I would! BTW, you should be able to find some snow nearby Fountain Green.

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