Throwback Thursday

I keep seeing people doing these Throwback Thursday posts on their blogs and Facebook and I decided that I would throw one back out here.  This throwback is from before I was born.  My neighbor brought over a November 1953 copy of Ladies Home Journal. Check out the cover.
Beautiful woman, lots of great red lipstick, I think she could easily be on the cover of a magazine today and be considered in style.  Funny how those things come back around.
There are a lot of interesting articles, ads and recipes too - 
like this lovely *gag* creation!
Did anyone ever eat this creation in their early days?
Please tell me it tasted better than it looks because I think I'm going to go find the bathroom.
I hope this recipe doesn't come back in style!


Jeannie said…
I am laughing so hard at that casserole. I know we had something similar. If a recipe was in a magazine, it had to be good in my Mom's head. Fried peaches and Spam? My Dad used to sit down to dinner and look at what Mom prepared. "Looks like you got a new magazine in the mail", was often all he would say. My Mom's idea of good spaghetti is noodles, hamburger (from our steer), tomato paste and a little ketchup - bleh!!! Dad bought me a cookbook for my 8th birthday and I did all the cooking a few years later. Every once in a while a new magazine would inspire Mom and still does - my poor Dad. :)
Gerrie said…
LOL! That is pretty nasty. I was lucky to have a mom who cooked real food, mostly grown on our farm. Jello was reserved for tummy ache time.
Lynda said…
Bleah! No, never had that dish. Mom must have not got that issue! I always disliked that fruit cocktail. She made a cake with it and also threw it into jello. Yuck! Great Throwback! The cover girl is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I love the throw back Thursday theme!

Mom was a simple cook. So we didn't have that and you were right. I looked at it a "gag."


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