The fabric I designed on Spoonflower arrived!
It is so pretty!!!
I used a photo of one of my ice dyed fabrics and played.
So fun!!!
I must play more!
This design is now for sale on Spoonflower:

Purple Blue Kaleidoscope
I am working on finishing up some UFO's.
This piece is finished but I'm only showing you a tiny bit.

These two are part of my series "Everyone looks good in Turquoise."

I had to lay the pen down to show how small the pieces are on this one.  I really wanted to make this piece bigger but I have run out of fabric.  I've decided I'm going to leave it this size and start the next quilt.

I've also been working on pieces I can enter into a few art shows.  
Here is a tiny little peek of a piece I entered in a show called Living Colour.
I will find out if the piece made it into the show next week!

I missed the deadline for another show I wanted to enter.
I put off the entry because of one thing and another, 
and now the deadline is gone.
It's another opportunity killed.
I could beat myself up and tell myself that I need to organize my time better or I can move on to the next project (and work on organizing my time better!).
I'm going to choose to move on.
Time to get to work!
What are you up to?


Jo Vandermey said…
Your fabric is stunning.. what a great way to make a piece of great fabric and be able to make more of a one of a kind piece.

As far as time going by we always think we can get more done in a month, a day or an hour. I like the enjoy every moment thought and your cover of your planner. It is great!
Love the fabric and it's fun to see the UFO's! I'm happy to see I'm not alone in having projects under construction!

Lynda said…
Love your fabric! Can't wait to see mine.

Looks like you have been real busy. Sorry about meeting that one deadline. Right now I'm working on my exhibit which will be up the 24th. I'm not sure I want to do this again. Seems all of my time is focused on this OR I need to make more stuff ahead of time or not go on vacation!!

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